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August 3, 2018

Unique Employee Perks That Go a Long Way with a Small Investment

Happy employees are more productive, committed, and loyal – qualities you should be seeking in people prior to hiring, but what about after they have joined your company? An employee’s overall happiness is key to a company’s success.  Finding new and innovative ways to offer employee perks is a consistent way of showing appreciation. Remember this,  “People rarely remember what you did, but always remember how you made them feel.”

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July 27, 2018

Is Kiev on Your Architecture Bucket List… It Should Be

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and like most capital cities of Europe, it’s chock-full of incredible historic sites. But when walking the streets of Kiev, it feels like nowhere else in Europe—its architecture is equally as diverse in style as it is compelling and playfully designed. One step, art nouveau, next step, Ukrainian Baroque, turn your gaze, Soviet Modernism. This list could continue—there are over 30 unique architectural styles in Kiev’s metro area alone.

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Recruiting Agencies
July 12, 2018

You Aren’t Using Recruiting Agencies Properly, and That Should Change

Most employers think if they engage every recruiting agency they will receive a higher number of qualified candidates and this just isn’t true. If you want to sell your home, you don’t engage with 7 real estate agents do you? To save you time and effort, slow down and partner with 1 or 2 recruiting agencies who invest enough in the relationship to represent your company and brand properly.

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