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Patrick Sirmeyer, Luxus Jobs, Job Offer, Great Offer After Interview
August 20, 2019

How to Receive the Best Offer After Your Interview

A common misconception when looking for a job is that a resume packed with skills and accolades is what determines a great offer. Although so much of our work today is technical, the x-factor is still relationships and understanding human motivations. Ultimately, we all have core needs. These needs apply to our careers as well. Most …

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Melissa Smith, PVA, Virtual Assistant, Recruiting, Luxus Jobs, Anna Sirmeyer
July 7, 2019

MELISSA SMITH: Virtually Unstoppable

Melissa and I met through an Inc Startup Community this past year. Her genuine nature and story are magnetic. Her story is one of embracing the lemons of pain and loss and turning them into lemonade that you bottle and sell. She has used her skills and talents to build a platform to help others …

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Mike Caibio, Creative City Project, Luxus Jobs, Luxus Plus, Luxus+, Patrick Sirmeyer
June 26, 2019

MICHAEL CAIBIO: Building Bridges Towards a More Creative City

I met Michael months ago at an event with some clients. A dear friend had been raving about IMMERSE which was described to me as South X Southwest meets Art Basel. I was fresh off of my first trip to SXSW in Austin, and I had to chuckle at the ambition. Nonetheless, I was intrigued …

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