Candidate Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to help you find a job you love. If you are accepted into the Luxus process, you’ll gain access to a group of exclusive companies that are actively looking for skilled candidates. Luxus will give you access to exclusive job opportunities through a quick and transparent process. You’ll receive interview invitations directly from interested companies, along with details including salary, equity, and bonus figures.

We are looking for exceptional candidates to fill roles in the industries of Information Technology, Healthcare, Accounting & Finance, Sales, and the growing industry of Medical and Recreational Cannabis

We evaluate a variety of factors when considering a candidate’s profile for Luxus, including education, work experience, and more.

No – an Invitation is just a strong indication of interest from a company and an opportunity to interview with them. You can accept as many Invitations as you want. We suggest you respond to Invitations as early as you can. The hiring process is quite competitive and your success strongly depends on your responsiveness.

We strongly encourage you to accept Invitations should you have a sincere interest in the company. Offers are preliminary and non-binding; thus details can be discussed and negotiated during the process. Please speak to your Talent Executive if in doubt, but bear in mind that once you decline an Invitation, there is no way to go back.

Your trust is our top priority and we take every measure to make sure your search is discreet. Your profile will be automatically hidden to your current employers. You can also add or remove employers by reaching out to your Talent Executive.

Yes, we do have clients seeking candidates for roles like these. However, they tend to be less common than traditional full-time roles.

Luxus is free for candidates.

We carefully select our partners to make sure that they have the desire to hire the best talent and are willing to be transparent about offered roles and compensation. Our clients include both top-notch startups and larger, more established companies across the U.S.

Once your profile is approved, you will receive an invitation to be part of a Showcase. If you accept, your profile will be on Luxus starting Monday at 9:00AM ET. Your profile will be featured for the first week in the Showcase and will be accessible by employers for as long as you’re actively considering new opportunities. You can remove yourself at any time either by contacting your Talent Executive or emailing

No – employers will be able to see your profile and they can reach out to you with an Invitation to interview.

The interview depends on the role and company you are interviewing for. Typically, companies assess both technical and soft skills through introductory phone calls and / or on-site meetings. Our team will be happy to discuss the typical company-specific process of the companies to help you prepare for interviews.

You can expect processes to take 2-3 weeks for an Invitation to turn into a final job offer. Keep in mind that employers can speed up or slow this down depending on their urgency and internal processes.

All candidates are assigned a Talent Executive who will assist and support them during the process. Once your profile is approved, your Talent Executive will be there to:

  • Discuss what you’re looking for in your next job
  • Discover what’s important to you, so we can help you find what you love
  • Prepare you for interviews with inside looks at a company’s culture and process
  • Help you manage and track your interview processes

Luxus Career Coaching

Our transition coaches will guide you to a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

  • Resume Review

  • Career Q&A

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Interview Coaching

  • Offer Navigation