About Us

About Us

Our Story

We came together to Make Monday Great by helping everyone find a job they love.

When we started Luxus we realized the job searching process was cumbersome and painful for most businesses. We decided to change this by digging deeply into specific career niches and consulting with professionals. We discovered that most staffing companies didn’t take the time to understand the employer and employee well enough to have long term success. Our solution to this problem was to create a hiring marketplace, which gave job providers the responsibility of thoroughly defining the skills and desired traits required for success in a position and making that information known to a group of candidates who can also choose to remain anonymous.
We have flipped the employment industry on its head by requiring companies to match and apply to you based on specific matching. Some call it magic, we just call it good business.


We partner with over 500 companies who trust us with their most valuable asset.

Luxus Career Coaching

Our transition coaches will guide you to a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

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